Linked Things works across the IoT value chain to deliver superior customer experience and robust products. We manufacture our own custom hardware products and have our own IoT platform called Ottomatically that provides state of the art device and data management features. We work with various network operators to provide communication between the devices and the platform. is one of the best and robust platforms made for IoT applications. We have built it for real devices working in challenging environments of emerging markets, hence we have taken special care for data transfer anomalies, for security and for universal availability. The platform in itself is cloud agnostic, that means we can run it on multiple cloud platforms based on the response times, latencies and geographical preference of our customers. The platform provides wide range of possibility for data presentation such as app view and dashboard view. This platform comes with built-in device management, i.e., we can not only provision and de-provision devices conveniently, we can update them through OTA techniques. The platform's user management layer allows different users to view the data according to their access rights and management hierachy / functional role and benefit from that view. The event and data management allows customers to trigger multiple actions based on events irrespective of geographical proximity of the devices.

Linked Thins is the first company to test NB-IoT devices in Pakistan. In July 2019, we worked with Telenor Pakistan, ZTE and Nokia to send a test packet from a device in our office to our platform hosted in Germany using NB-IoT network. NB-IoT network is GSM operators' preferred IoT network and Telenor Pakistan successfully tested their first site in Pakistan with Linked Things.

Linked Things' hardware is standardized yet modular and configurable. All our solutions are readily available from our office, however, if you would like a customer product, please contact us, our promise is to provide our customers with a prototype within 6 weeks. This gives our customers chance to quickly identify the benefits of the solutin their setting, without wasting precious time.

Linked Things also provides consulting services to our potential customers and help them identify the right solution for their business challenges.

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