IoT, Big Data and AI for businesses

Industrial IoT

Our solution enables the management to make decision driven by their own factory data.

Utilities Management

Our solution determines cost of energy per unit of product produced. We monitor, power, gas, oil and water consumption in industrial processes and calculate exact cost of production.

Health & Safety

Our solution monitors waste water and air quality in an industrial setting. This helps them monitor and maintain quality of operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Our solution constantly monitors key components of an industrial machine, providing our customers with alerts and predict maintenance requirements against benchmarks and save them downtime costs.

Commercial IoT

Our solution provides cost savings and promotes environment friendly practices within organizations.

Office Automation

Save electricity costs and monitor genset fuel by monitoring and managing the office environment. Ideal solution for businesses with multiple offices across different geographies that require centralized monitoring and control mechanisms. Our solutions bring at least 20% savings to your operations.

Multi-Tenant Buildings

Our solution provides water and power monitoring tools for the managers of multi-tenant buildings such as malls and office complexes. This allows them to manage the utilities on per tenant basis and set the consumption based pricing.

Data Center Management

This is our gross selling product for small to medium size data centers managed by IT staff within industrial units or offices. Out customers have been able to save up to 40% of their airconditioning costs using our solution, not to mention the savings in related operations.

Agriculture IoT

Our innovative solution helps businesses to develop accurate and farmer friendly advisory services

Soil Monitoring

This solution monitors soil conditions such as moisture, temperature and NPK levels so that farmers can make simple decision on watering and fertilizing their crops.

Weather Station

Our solution provides vital weather information to the famers and farmer advisories for them to make right decision and plan ahead.

Canal / River Water Flows

This solution allows irrigation department, management of barrages and canals to know the exact water levels passing through in canals and rivers, to determine water allocation and monitor flood levels. Early flood warning systems across a water system is also developed by us.

Case Studies

Industrial IoT
Commercial IoT
Agriculture IoT