About Us

Our Vision

To lead adoption of IoT in emerging markets and enable businesses to benfit from IoT and AI


Pactical and affordable solutions for our customers to make data driven decisions


Connect 1 Million Devices by 2022


Focus on utilities, agriculture and air quality solutions and partner with leading industry players to scale

Our strength is the mix of young and experienced professionals in our team. Our advantage is our understanding of the rapid changes in technology and their impact on businesses. Our edge is our understanding of the demands of customers in emerging markets. Our pride is our innovative products and solutions delivered. Our results are satisfaction of our valuable customers.

Meet Our Team

Sophia Hasnain


Matthias Eckert


Najaf Haider

Operations Manager

Bilal Mehmood

Project Manager

Ibrahim Shah

Software Engineer

Malik Mudassir

Software Engineer

Mohammad Sadiq

Software Engineer

Sheryar Shahzad

Design Engineer

Ramiz Masroor

Design Engineer

Zulfiqar Ali

Lead Device Manufacturing

Jamal Hassan

Device Manufacturing

Zain Saeed

Lead Installation Team

Muhammad Abdullah

Installation Team

Abdul Samad

Installation Team

Saad Ali

Data Entry Operator

Industrial IoT
Commercial IoT
Agriculture IoT