Efficient Energy Management

 Efficient   Energy Management

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Energy generation has become so expensive that utility companies and alternate energy providers (such as solar) themselves need to manage demand side consumption, guide the customers on inefficient appliances and move to customized billing. ....

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BUSINESS Automation

 BUSINESS  Automation

Business Transformation through IoT

Businesses are increasingly setting up sites away from their main head offices that provide critical business support 24 x 7 and as a result, take a toll on operational costs to safeguard the initial capex and to maintain the quality of service.Data centers ....

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Smart Home

 Smart  Home

Home Solution

Now home-owners can convert their houses into smart homes without spending a fortune on the gadgets and renovation. The whole family can manage their lighting, airconditioning and environment according to their mood and time of the day ....

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